• You DON’T WANT to stop eating foods that have carbohydrates

  • You DON’T WANT to cut out all your favorite foods

  • You DON’T WANT to have nothing to eat at social events

  • You DON’T WANT to follow a keto diet

  • You DON’T WANT to feel guilty or discouraged

  • You DON’T WANT complications from diabetes

  • You DON’T KNOW what to eat

  • You ARE TIRED of feeling exhausted

  • You ARE FRUSTRATED & CONFUSED by what others recommend

  • You WANT PRACTICAL suggestions that fit your life


lower your blood glucose, eat delicious food, feel amazing

  • Understand

    How your diabetes works, so that you can make decisions about what to eat.

  • Build Routines

    For everyday life and tricky situations.

  • Feel Confident

    Learn what works for you and be proud of what you know and do.


  • You CAN feel better than you have felt in years!

  • You CAN achieve blood glucoses reading in the target range

  • You CAN get support and not feel alone

  • You CAN reduce or avoid medications

  • You CAN lower your A1c test results

  • You CAN manage and lose weight (without focusing on it)

  • You CAN have the life you want

  • You CAN get professional advice from a licensed health professional

  • You CAN feel peace of mind about managing your diabetes

  • You CAN feel proud of how you manage your diabetes


4 Months of Everything You Need To Be Successful

  • Health Professional Access (live Q&A and email access)

    You ask and I'll answer your questions on a regular schedule in our community group (currently in Facebook). Q&A recording are saved so that you can see them anytime in the program platform. AND you can send me a question any time.

  • Community of
    Program Participants

    So that you always have people who know you and with whom you can share ideas & ask questions. You can learn from other people who are taking the course with you.

  • 30 videos & 28 + Worksheets

    To help you get inspired and motivated, the easy-to-understand short videos are available 24/7. You can watch them online, or listen to them on your commute.
    The worksheets help you figure out your own unique solutions and strategies. For example, how many carbohydrates should you eat at each meal? How healthy are you eating? How do your A1c, blood glucose and cholesterol compare with targets?

Will you like this program?

Others love it!

Not Confused Any More


Before the program, I was very confused about what to eat to control my diabetes.. I thought that if I lost weight I’d be ok but now I realize there is more to it. Now I’m more aware of how what I eat affects my blood sugar... After the program, I’m more mindful about what I eat and when. Your classes saved me from going in circles with my health.

A1c reduced

- Judy

I had my doctor's appointment today. My A1C was down to 7.1 (I wanted it lower), and I lost 12 pounds. He was really pleased with my progress. I told him I owed it to you, and your Diabetes Program. I am motivated to keep up with healthy eating!

I understand my diabetes


You made me feel like I am not alone. You are getting through to me”



  • A 4 month program that helps you change the way you eat and move, one step at a time.

  • A way of eating that gets results. It is not meal plan or a prescription. It is learning about how your body deals with food using a step by step system.

  • Tools and ideas that will help you manage your blood glucose now and for years to come.

  • Not just following a diet but learning how you can adapt and manage any situation.

You don't have to do this alone

In the How to Eat for Type 2 Diabetes program, you can always ask questions and get feedback from a healthcare professional. The community forum let's you get ideas, support and ask questions to other people who have type 2 diabetes who are in the program.

There are far better things ahead
than what we leave behind
- C.S. Lewis

Eating for Your Diabetes is About Much More Than Just Food

Videos, worksheets and group discussions on the topics on the left will help you be successful. Topics range from Learning how to make food choices, to eating away from home, carbohydrate counting and more.

Eating for Diabetes
Can Be Hard

...but it doesn't have to be

After taking care of the everyday demands in your life, it is hard to find the energy to figure out what to eat. Add to this, the global pandemic and well it is simply overwhelming. That's the reason the program has the core content released each week rather than all at once. Relax and learn at a comfortable pace and build on one concept after another. This way, you can also maintain the changes you make because it is not all or nothing.


  • Why is this program 4 months long?

    It takes time to go through the program material, test it out in your life, ask questions, and manage the new things that come up (like holidays, travel and visitors).

  • What if I want to join, but the program seems too expensive for me right now?

    Take advantage of the monthly payment program. The monthly cost is less than most gym memberships or eating out just a few meals. This program is new and is likely to be more expensive in the future.

  • Why is managing my diabetes so important.

    Keeping your A1c below 7.0 has been shown to help reduce your risk of diabetes-related complications like heart disease, kidney disease, nerve damage, stomach issues and more. AND many people feel better, less tired and more energetic when their diabetes is more controlled (lower A1c, over blood glucose values).

  • I’m really busy with work, family, and everything else on my ‘to do’ list. Will the program still work for me?

    It will take up to one hour a week to watch the videos. They are recorded so you can watch them when it is convenient to you. You can also download the worksheets and do them anytime.

  • What if I’m not ready to follow a different eating plan for six months?

    This program is not an eating plan. It is a diabetes education and change program. The best way to learn way to eat that you can continue for a long time is one step at a time and to learn what you can change with the busy life you have. It is perfect if you want a slow, not overwhelming, way to change how you eat.

  • How long do I have access to the program?

    You have access to the program for 6 months. You can download all the handouts and you can watch the videos over and over again.

  • Will I get access to the entire program all at once?

    Great question! This program is designed to help you stay calm and not overwhelmed with too much information. Currently there are 6 Core modules and 6 Living with Diabetes Modules. You must go through each Core Concept module in order, 1 per week, while the other modules are available as soon as the program begins.

  • What if I want a refund?

    I want you to feel satisfied with the program. You have a 7 day money back guarantee. No questions asked (although I'll be curious). Just email me at

  • What else will I need to successfully go through the program?

    Setting aside time each week to watch the videos and to download and complete the worksheets is important to being successful. Asking questions is also important. Taking advantage of all the program offers you.

Included in the Program

Worksheets & Information Sheets


    Learn what to look for when looking for recipes, calculate the carbohydrate content of a recipe, and learn where recipes can be found for people with diabetes.


    If you drink, get quick tips about how alcohol effects your blood glucose. What drinks are safest and which to watch.


    Tips for eating well at restaurants, making lower carbohydrate choices and eating well at social events.


    This tell you about this handy tool for eating better, reducing portions and lowering your blood glucose and weight.


    Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas to get you started.


    Plan meals and snacks using carbohydrate choices or carbohydrate goals


    When to test, what to record, and what what to do with the results


    What should you eat between meals. Here are lots of tips and ideas.


Creator & Coach

Course Creator

Julianne Hagan

Julie is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Registered Nurse, and Certified Diabetes Care & Education Specialist with degrees from Columbia University and the University of Tennessee. After decades of seeing hundreds of people with diabetes for individual nutrition counseling she's thrilled to be able to offer evidence-based approaches and personalized coaching to more people through this course. Julie is an avid walker, traveler, mother and is passionate about everyday cooking and eating.